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Apr 11, 2016

This week we're talking about the DC Animated movie Justice League Vs. Teen Titans. Andrew and Diana get uncomfortable discussing whatever is happening between Starfire and Nightwing, how oddly sexual some parts are, how terrible Damian is, and how despite all that this movie turned out to be good.

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over eight years ago

There was a lot of sexual tension between Koriand'r and Nightwing. Maybe they are trying to build up a relationship like they did with Wonderwoman and Superman? It was still strange. The fact that Raven can heal people and the transformation of all the Titans was also a bit weird and awkward. Beast Boy is apparently very hilariously comfortable with his body. Very much wondering about the licking himself joke. Couldn't stop laughing.

Beast Boy's fight scenes were excellent! It was great to see him taking on the form of creatures from other world/dimensions/universes. Damian did say a lot of disturbing things. I don't think it bothered me too much because I'm so used to him being a jerk in the comic books. He is a product of his upbringing and I like that we see that he does have a heart and has character development in this film. I don't hate Damian because I was able to sympathize with him over time in the comic books. I mean, if we're talking about how likeable Damian is as a character, Jason Todd was never a pathetically likeable Robin either. He was never as crazy as Damian, but I'm sure that if he was raised in the right environment Jason Todd would be very similar to Damian. I really liked the confrontation Damian had with Ra's Al Ghul. Good way of having him develop as a character. Overall, I enjoyed the film. Too much sexualization, though.