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Oct 10, 2016

We finished the Netflix series Luke Cage and you'd better have too if you don't want spoilers. This week we're breaking down the whole series. How different the last half of the show felt from the first, Diamondback vs Cottonmouth as villains, what was Mariah's plan, and what's next for Luke Cage.

SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains MANY spoilers for the entire series of Luke Cage.

TWO PARTER: This is part two of a two part breakdown, listen to last week's episode to hear us cover episodes 1-7.

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almost seven years ago

I definitely agree that I like the second half of this series. I didn't at all expect Cottonmouth to die so quickly, but God, he should have been gone way earlier. I was kind of disappointed that Misty didn't lose her arm. I really wanted her to lose it and then maybe have a donation from Stark Industries for a replacement bionic arm. I sometimes resent the fact that there aren't enough direct references to the rest of the MCU. Maybe we'll get more of it after magic is introduced into the universe with Dr. Strange and Iron Fist? I'm excited to see Iron Fist meet Luke soon. Until March!